AIRPlus Excel Air Packaging System

A hard-working inflatable packaging system that creates air packaging pillows and bubble wrap style packaging for void fill.

Case Sealers

Various uniform and random automatic case sealers, using 2” or 3” tape for top and bottom automatic case sealing applications.

Paperplus Shooter Storopak

This very fast machine speeds and produces bulkier multi-layer protective paper.

Paperplus Tabletop

Creates ultra-strong paper packaging materials with bulk and durability to cushion and protect heavy, fragile or awkward items as it absorbs shock during shipping.

Shrink Systems

Heavy duty shrink tunnels, easy to use, maintenance free, allowing variable speed and temperature settings.

Strapping Equipment and Tools

Tools and accessories for both steel and plastic strapping, including tensioners, sealers, dispensers, cutters and seals.

Strapping Machines

Reliable automatic and semi-automatice strapping machines for a wide range of boxes and applications.

Stretch Wrapping Systems

Automatic and semi-automatic turn table stretch wrap equipment for various palletizing applications. 

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