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RTL has unique expertise in helping leading consumer product companies that work in highly competitive and heavily regulated industries. Whether we’re manufacturing nutraceutical labels, food and beverage labels, household product labels or labels for other consumer product industries, our team of experienced label specialists can help you to maximize the impact of your label project.

Brand Elevation

Consumer product clients are quality-driven and care deeply about their brand. Our consumer product labeling team specializes in helping our clients use labeling and packaging to elevate their brand in the marketplace and communicate critical product information.

Great labels start with great artwork – and our full-service graphic art department is available to consult with you and your designers to make sure that labels are designed for maximum quality, efficiency and impact.

High Performance

Our team of experienced label specialists will work with you to understand your consumer product labeling needs and to create a custom solution that best meets those needs. We can fulfill special conditions and requirements including:

  • Precision color matching
  • Special materials for automatic application on varied surfaces, bottles, containers and packaging
  • Adhesion across wide temperature ranges and changes
  • Custom barcoding
  • The ability to accept barcoding, lot numbering and date coding

And, our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ensures that your consumer product labels consistently meet the highest quality standards.

High-Efficiency Hybrid Labels

By understanding your label needs and your labeling processes, we can work with you to create labels optimized for appearance, functionality and efficiency. This may include the manufacture of hybrid label solutions that combine pre-printing by RTL with other printing methods. These label constructions offer a professional look while giving you the control and flexibility to print variable information on-demand – realizing cost efficiencies while reducing lead times and inventory levels.

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