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Barcode and QR code labels are critical for asset identification, asset tracking and the communication of product, regulatory and safety information. RTL has deep knowledge of barcode label requirements and established processes for the manufacturing and inspection of barcode and QR labels to ensure that our labels meet the highest quality standards.

Wide Range Of Symbologies

We manufacture custom barcode and QR Code labels across a wide range of barcode symbologies. Whether it’s a versatile 1-D Code 128 barcode, a GTIN barcode for a medical device application, or a 2-D Data Matrix barcode for efficient information storage in small spaces, our label specialists are experts in the different barcode label symbologies and consult with our clients on the best solution for their application.

Barcode Labels for Challenging Environments

Barcode/QR Code labels are routinely subjected to challenging conditions – including exposure to chemicals, temperature extremes, abrasion, and may need to adhere to “difficult to label” surfaces, such as low surface energy plastics, powder coating and other synthetic materials. When performance matters, RTL’s proprietary testing and more than 50 years of manufacturing experience allows us to quickly provide our clients with proven solutions to durable barcode/QR code label needs.

Custom Barcode/QR Code Labels

All of our barcode/QR code labels are custom, allowing our clients to choose barcode/QR code labels of any symbology and size, on any materials – and incorporate their logo, company information or other critical product information. By leveraging RTL’s thermal transfer printing solutions, clients can add variable information on the label such as lot numbers and date codes. This results in highly customized labels that are both functional and visually impactful.

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