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At RTL, challenging applications and problem solving is our specialty.  Need an aggressive adhesive label to adhere to a powder-coated surface, while exposed to harsh chemicals, in extreme temperature conditions?  We can help.

High Performance Materials

Recognizing that many labels need to endure challenging conditions, we have conducted extensive testing with specialty materials to help our clients find the right solutions for difficult applications.

Some examples of these applications include:

  • High tack labels for adhesion to “difficult to label” surfaces
  • Chemical resistant labels
  • High temperature labels
  • Freezer labels
  • Waterproof labels
  • Submersible labels
  • Metallized, holographic and reflective labels
  • Removable and Ultra-removable labels

Specialty Configurations

Oftentimes, to meet demanding application requirements, labels need to combine specialty materials with specialized label configurations, that may include:

  • Specialty Die Cut labels
  • Security labels
  • Self laminating labels
  • Integrated labels
  • Durable Thermal Transfer Labels
  • UL material labels

In these cases, we work closely with our client’s manufacturing, engineering and quality departments to evaluate these conditions and partner with them to find solutions to their most challenging label applications.

Chemical-Resistant Labels

RTL manufactures a full line of pre-printed and thermal transfer labels that are durable even when exposed to harsh chemicals.   Chemical Resistant labels require specialty materials, coatings and adhesives to ensure the legibility and visibility of critical product and safety information.  Our chemical-resistant labels can be manufactured in thousands of shapes and sizes, and come with a wide range of adhesives for challenging application environments.

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