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RTL’s thermal transfer and print-on-demand label solutions empower our clients to benefit from the efficiencies of variable data printing – streamlining their labeling processes, reducing their lead times, inventory levels and operating costs.

Print-On-Demand Technology

The most effective thermal transfer, direct thermal and inkjet/laserjet printing solutions are those implemented after an objective evaluation of goals, processes, workflow and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). At RTL, our labels specialists understand the interactions of raw materials, print technologies, print software and print media and have extensive experience evaluating and developing print-on-demand labeling programs.

Print-on-demand solutions include:

  • Custom print-on-demand labels on specialty materials
  • Thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels
  • Thermal transfer printers, ribbons and systems

Durable Thermal Transfer Labels

Many thermal transfer labels need to survive exposure to extreme conditions, including abrasion, chemical exposure and environmental elements. Our proprietary testing of durable thermal transfer materials and durable thermal transfer ribbon combinations, allows us to quickly provide our clients with samples for their testing and evaluation.

High Efficiency Hybrid Labels

By combining our converting and printing capabilities and material/adhesive expertise with our knowledge of thermal transfer printing and media, we are able to help our clients implement proprietary solutions – perfectly tailored to their business needs. These label constructions offer a professional look while giving our clients the control and flexibility to print variable information on-demand – realizing cost efficiencies while reducing lead times and inventory levels.

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